Monday, October 7, 2013

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What a Dream.

We entered the hall with a huge door with a creepy door handle of an oxen. I opened the door and when we entered the hall, we saw a big portrait. “He might have been powerful”, I said. ..The stair case was going in two directions around the hall. It was a hall with many rooms and a shandalear still hanging. The place was covered with mosses and there was little life in that place. We could hear the creepy sound of the animal which made us afraid and the girls cried and insisted me to go back to the tent.
Wanted to scan the places properly when I heard a scream calling my name .I rushed towards where the sound came from and saw Ugyen and Lngten crying over Bandana. I rushed near them and three of them where in front of the portrait.”Pema, she is not opening her eyes”, Lungten sobbing and said. When I saw Bandanas face, her face was pale blue…….

Monday, September 2, 2013

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I like Cats.

Man always wanted company that gives him good support in everything he does. The support he want is for different reasons and in different ways. Some are concerned about the mental  in their life.
It's quite amazing that man find company other than man they enjoy having pet. People have different kinds of domestic pets. The best friend of man among pets are the dogs but not less than or equal to is the cats. Cats and dogs are the closest pets of the man. Unlike the dogs cats enjoy more freedom at home.
Cats being the capable domestic pets they are preferred in Bhutan mainly to get rid of the pests. I too love cats as i have grown with one. Cats have a unique nature which makes me enjoy their company when they are around. The way they swing their hands when we throw the strings and play with them makes me happy actually. But most of all their fur are soft and tender which when felt gives me a good feelings.
Having a pet is like having a gift of happiness and joy.

Friday, May 10, 2013

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My thanks to.

I have what i need in life. Education is all that i need and through education i will get what i intended to get. All the people need education to survive in this harsh and rugged life.
My parents gave me warmth, food and comfort from my childhood till now and most of all i got a chance to go to school and get my self involved in exploring my self and the world around me.
i know there is a long way for me to go and to stop my future from being bleak is to go forward and learn more things.
In school i learned many values and got many wisdom's. Most of all i got a chance to explore my self and know my self better. Till the day i let my last breath i'll never give any chance to forget anything that i have learned.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

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My life...

From the birth till now,
i have seen things going on differently and in different manners. The things i have seen reminds me of one thing. That the life we are now enjoying is just for a time being ,just life a fading sun rays. If we had a power to Illuminate the time and make it forever young then there will be happiness but no it is also a wrong notion to take it i that way.

And i know we can't do anything about time so i guess its up to me to take a proper steps in making a good use of time and never waste it.