Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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My Hope With Ugyen Acedamy

Ugyen Academy,Khuruthang,Punakha
My life is full of ups and downs. I sometime did things that I’m not supposed to do, but life has created such a situation where I was left with no option but to go on! Every day I went on with this word installed in the core of 
my heart “Will be the man of my words” and to be true I did become what I took up to for some extent. But this changed in the year 2013, my last academic year.  I appeared BHSEC examination with a determination and hopes but what result brought was not what I have expected.
I switched off my mobile and kept myself aside and tried to be away from touch, until then I got an opportunity to continue in UA because of my Uncles support. I still remember what he told me and the words still runs around my head,” You have the potential but you lacked hard work, I’ll give you a chance to prove your ability. Don’t fail this time.’’ His word did pierce through my heart. I was happy and to be true I really am grateful to him.