Sunday, November 13, 2016

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Thank You Life

Thanks to Deki Wangmo for making me Cranes;its beautiful.

Cranes made from paper,
A paper brought from Japan
That’s the Origami paper.
It is hanged on a crippled broken branch.

The morning I wake up,
I see it, which is hanged above my head,
The moment I see,
The cranes, Sigh!
I breathe out thinking I’m still
Alive, alive to breathe again.

Thank you life for,
Giving me another chance,
I’ve hurt some,
made some cry,
Over a simple things and I’m sorry, for
I made you all cry.
I’m sorry I wasn’t a good child.
But from now,
 I’ll rejoice, the moment that I get.
In every moment and seconds of my life.

cranes hanged above my bed.
After meeting you,
I’ve realized the mistakes
That I have done, the mistakes
I wasn’t able to clear.
I thank you for making me into a person,
So reliable and responsible
Even in times of all trouble.

I’ve learned to lead
My own life doing simple deed,
That my own siblings would seek
From a brother like me.

I’m blessed to have a parents
So responsible and lovable,
From the universe, I wold love
To have a parents like the two of you.

Never in my dreams have I seen,
Never did I wonder, how I would
Be, without your care and your warm
I don’t regret not seeing such things
In dreams, nor wonder as
You never let me be alone and idle.

I love you both
With all my ounce of blood in me.
I thank god for making me your son,
And I’m sorry I wasn’t a good child
But today and now onward I’ll be

The one.