Monday, October 7, 2013

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What a Dream.

We entered the hall with a huge door with a creepy door handle of an oxen. I opened the door and when we entered the hall, we saw a big portrait. “He might have been powerful”, I said. ..The stair case was going in two directions around the hall. It was a hall with many rooms and a shandalear still hanging. The place was covered with mosses and there was little life in that place. We could hear the creepy sound of the animal which made us afraid and the girls cried and insisted me to go back to the tent.
Wanted to scan the places properly when I heard a scream calling my name .I rushed towards where the sound came from and saw Ugyen and Lngten crying over Bandana. I rushed near them and three of them where in front of the portrait.”Pema, she is not opening her eyes”, Lungten sobbing and said. When I saw Bandanas face, her face was pale blue…….