Monday, October 17, 2016

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The Biggest Moth I have ever seen.

I took the picture of the Moth placing it on my friends hand to show how big it was.
I was on my way toward the toilet when I saw this giant Moth, took my breath away. I was stunned as soon as I saw it. I was seeing it for the first time in my life. Yes,  a giant Moth.

It is amazing to find such a beautiful creature in this region. Moreover the pattern and colour is really great and beautiful that in words I’m not being able to describe it but the picture says it all.

I tried taking the picture without disturbing it but when I took the picture it seemed like i'm taking a picture of an ordinary moth. That’s why I made my friend Chogyel of political science to hold it on his hand so that the viewer could know and understand the actual size of the Moth. Taking the picture on the hand really shows how big and magnificent its wings are. Moreover the pattern it carries is so catchy and coluorful.