Tuesday, January 13, 2015

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My Hope With Ugyen Acedamy

Ugyen Academy,Khuruthang,Punakha
My life is full of ups and downs. I sometime did things that I’m not supposed to do, but life has created such a situation where I was left with no option but to go on! Every day I went on with this word installed in the core of 
my heart “Will be the man of my words” and to be true I did become what I took up to for some extent. But this changed in the year 2013, my last academic year.  I appeared BHSEC examination with a determination and hopes but what result brought was not what I have expected.
I switched off my mobile and kept myself aside and tried to be away from touch, until then I got an opportunity to continue in UA because of my Uncles support. I still remember what he told me and the words still runs around my head,” You have the potential but you lacked hard work, I’ll give you a chance to prove your ability. Don’t fail this time.’’ His word did pierce through my heart. I was happy and to be true I really am grateful to him.
I had a hard time in getting an admission in UA. To get admission was not an easy task, had to run more than seven times from Bajo, Wangduephodrang to Khuruthang,Punakha  to confirm my seat. I had to wait for days for my name to be called out from the pending list of names registered for the admission. I was called to Dasho Principal’s office to have a discussion for my admission and confirmation. Class 12 had to meet Dasho Principal personally for the admission and luckily I was taken in wit the UA family as I got help from Miss. Denka.That time I felt as if I was in cloud nine.
Now the year has ended and I’m sure the year 2014 will have a greater impact in my life and my career too. Life in UA was full of colors and fun. I got to learn many new things that I did’t know before. Most of all I’ll never be able to forget my stay as a boarding student in “Khuru Student Hostel’’ my first boarding life and the last one too. I’ll cherish every moment in Khuru Hostel, that would be during Saturday where each individual would be in search of different Gho(Our national dress worn by male) and school track suit to make sure that you look good enough as it was the only day we got freedom to wear different Gho and School track other than school uniform. And in the school I’ll never forget the afternoon class where we were supposed to be in our respected classes before 30 min of the bell of the actual 6th period, after lunch. Where our class teacher Sangay Wangdi was always present with us with his full support. I’m crystal clear that all my friends who are in the boarding life for the first time as well as my class mates will agree with me.

I’m not sure of what would be my next venture will be in this year 2015. Hoping for the best one this year.


Beautiful post brother, you had great bygone memories to cherish. I wish this year 2015 bring you more success and joy for you. Wishes from me as you head ahead to journey your future life. Do Great. Regards from me. Take care. :)

Thanks Acho and ya wishing you a prosporous year ahead.. take care..

Nice to hear that! Wish you a more colorful journey this year ahead! Have fun and take care Pema! :)

Thank you Rima for your plesent wish la. Wishing you a wonderful and fabulous year ahead.

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