Friday, December 16, 2016

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Life beyond the Line

"It was too little but there was miles to go"
“zangpo are you done with the assignment,” I heard Nedup who just came rushing to the class and sat beside me. He was arranging the books which he had brought from the library on the table and was staring at my laptop screen, while I was busy writing my assignment. Other mates were busy chatting and some were in their own world, as there was enough time for the next class to begin. “Don’t ask me about the assignment, I’m having a tough time doing it,” I was frustrated at myself. It was not the first time I was having trouble in completing my assignments. “The assignment is due the day after tomorrow, hope you did not forget?” said Pema who was sitting behind me… I was lost in my own thoughts then. How I wish I had continued with my Taekwondo career as the national team of Bhutan.
“Congratulation! Zangpo”, happily said my coach. “You did well with the Third Dan examination, we are proud of you.” He looked cheerfully and smiled at me like he always did. He always wore a track suit embedded with our country name with a flag and the Taekwondo federation logo proudly where ever he went, be it in the gym or morning jogging also. People around the park and town used to stare at him and call out, “see the national team coach of Bhutan Taekwondo Federation.” He was a proud and a respected man in the society; every person knew him for what he did. “Thank you coach.” I was excited that I upgraded my Dhan to level three with all my sheer hard work and dedication.
The next day I got a call early morning after I was done with my breakfast. I answered the call, “Hello…” it was the manager speaking. I was startled to hear this “Zangpo, you contributed a lot to the country and have made the Taekwondo in Bhutan a popular sports among the people, moreover the sport has encouraged all the youths,” I was speechless then. “From the federation we are honoured and proud of you. And I’m happy that at least we could do something good for you. That is we are offering you a scholarship in Sherubtse College.” After hearing such words from the manager I was like a rock still on the top of the mountain. “Zanpgo are you listening to me. Are you there?” manager prompted me. “Oh… Umm, yes sir.” I was speechless.

Monday, December 12, 2016

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Accepting Reality

Way towards my Hostel.

The day I broke my little clock
This poor heart started to yell
I helped my numb body to unlock

You were still at the same block
I know you have lived your life well
The day I broke my little clock

I still wish I could turn back the clock
Country is weeping for loosing someone who served so well
I helped my numb body to unlock

Though you were protected by the lock
Heart grieved to see your body inside the shell
The day I broke my little clock