Monday, October 7, 2013

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What a Dream.

We entered the hall with a huge door with a creepy door handle of an oxen. I opened the door and when we entered the hall, we saw a big portrait. “He might have been powerful”, I said. ..The stair case was going in two directions around the hall. It was a hall with many rooms and a shandalear still hanging. The place was covered with mosses and there was little life in that place. We could hear the creepy sound of the animal which made us afraid and the girls cried and insisted me to go back to the tent.
Wanted to scan the places properly when I heard a scream calling my name .I rushed towards where the sound came from and saw Ugyen and Lngten crying over Bandana. I rushed near them and three of them where in front of the portrait.”Pema, she is not opening her eyes”, Lungten sobbing and said. When I saw Bandanas face, her face was pale blue…….
Four of us where on our way to a place far away from our home. To a place which we dreamed of going to and our dreams where coming closer as we were traveling.
It was a sunny day during the summer holidays and the scorching heat melted me while I was driving. On my left side Ugyen was shouting not to disturb her while she was sleeping because Lungten and Bandana were disturbing her.
As we proceeded we came across a road going in two direction, one of the road was fully used and the other one was the road least taken. I was confused which road to take and asked lungten,”Which road should we take?” And she nodded, “Both the road is taking us to our destination.” I liked adventure and I shouted with excitement, “Who wants to go for an adventure?” They all agreed to go through the road not taken.
The music was soft which was our favorite and we were enjoying the music and was singing along with it, “Your insecure, don’t know what for………………” as the music took us away. The scenario started changing and we were getting deeper into the woods and it started to get darker. The road was much bumpier and rough. The road took us to a small town with lots of small buildings with a big hall in the middle.
It was dark now, so we decided to halt the night in the old town. We pitched the tent near the RV and made a fire. We decided to explore the mysterious town which was not recorded in the map. One by one we explored the building and the hall was the last one to be explored.
……………I took Bandana's hand, there was no pulse. She was really dead. We were infront of the portrait and below the portrait I out a strange book on the small podium nicely kept. I took it and flipped the page and read it. The first page of the book stated” Whoever tries to touch this book, one will be cursed to death and the one with the dead body will be cursed to suffer………” I was frozen and couldn’t do anything and I felt helpless but my instinct forced me to save my friend and told them to go to the RV. I took the book and Bandana's body and when we reached to the RV our tent was completely torn off. Quickly we got inside the RV and placed her body on the sofa near RV’s window. I quickly went to start the engine and we were moving towards home but didn't know in which direction I was driving. Our sleep was taken over by the fear of death, and we couldn’t sleep the whole night and we could see the sun rise in its loveliest manner as it always did.
I stopped to bury Bandana's body near a big tree which stood like a huge protector of nature. After burying her body we continued with our journey. There was a complete silence for a long time, none of us talked with each other……………I could see Lungten and Ugyen crying over the dead of our beloved friend. We had a light breakfast near a stream and the roads were very rough and bumpy than before. As we I was driving I couldn't believe my eyes, dead end. We came to a dead end but I could see the other side of the road. Ugyen looked at the map and cried, “There was suppose to be a bridge here…….how can we take our RV to the other side?” She started to cry and Lungten was also lost.
We decided to cross the river leaving back the RV and we were about to reach to the other side, Lungtens foot slipped from a rock and got washed away by the river. We tried our best to save her and get her back but couldn’t save her. With a heavy heart two of us proceeded with our journey. On our way Ugyen shouted,”Pema, I couldn't find the map…………” we paused……..”Oh my god! I remember putting it in Lungtens bag pack.”
The book was till with me. We stopped for a break near a stream and I started to read the book again. When I was reading through the book I came across the paragraph that could end the curse. It was stated” If the book is burned during the sunset the curse will be broken” The sun was about to set. I happily told Ugyen that we got to burn the book before sunset to free our self from the curse. We happily made the fire go and threw the book in the fire. As soon as I threw the book the fire burned as if it could light up the entire New York City. I was relieved that we could break the curse.
Relieved and happy that we could break the curse, we decided to spend the night under the blanket of the million twinkling star above us. And we decided to go to sleep without dinner and decided to continue the next morning……………………………….
When I opened my eyes I could see the ceiling of my room. I woke up to find out that it was only in my dream. It was the most dreadful dream I ever had, oh m god if this dream was true I would have not been able to be that brave.


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