Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Peak of Learning

Under the serene and blue sky lies a building coated in red with white patches build in 90s which still provides a platform for the students of Sherubtse College to learn and explore. This is the place popularly known as "The Peak of Learning-Sherubtse". Thousands of graduates have been produced from this place; a place full of beautiful and memorable memories that still makes it fun to be in.
Every after an hour each door opens one after another and emerges the young leaders and citizen who would be responsible for the country in future. They come out with the smiles and determined looks. The chattering between each individual fills the place, when there is an exchange of classroom.
when the door closes, we could hear student laugh, some clapping sounds could also be heard and voices of the lecturer giving their best knowledge in the room where teaching and learning process happens. Here, the dreams grow bigger and students set their goals for the future and work toward it.
The front lawn also provide students to relax and meet for mass discussions in an open air. Moreover some class are also taken there as to make the teaching and learning process effective.
The place that carries memories is fun to be in. It has provided many things and still stands strong for the future generation to come and learn in a place called "The Peak of Learning". 


yeah..proud to be bhutanese!

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